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Have questions about ElderSuite? We've got all the answers you need.

What is ElderSuite?

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ElderSuite Adult Day Care Software is management software designed specifically for Adult Day Care, Adult Day Service, and Adult Day Health Service providers. ElderSuite lets you streamline your workflow and helps you efficiently manage daily tasks. Here's what you can do with ElderSuite:

Perform Client/Patient intakes
Track Daily Attendance & Transportation
Track Daily Meals
Manage your CACFP Meal Program
Manage Nursing Assessments, Notes, Physician's Orders
HIPAA Compliant Electronic Billing
Automate redundant tasks via ElderSuite's Automation Services
Customize ElderSuite completely to suit your requirements
Much, much more...

You can sign up for a free trial here.

Why should we choose ElderSuite?

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It's simple...ElderSuite provides all the tools you need to run a more efficient and more productive Adult Day Care. ElderSuite provides these tools at the lowest cost of entry and we guarantee that ElderSuite will increase revenue and decrease costs. Ultimately, it costs you if you don't choose ElderSuite.

Do I have to sign a contract to use ElderSuite?

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Absolutely not! We don't believe in contracts that attempt to lock customers into services the customer isn't happy with or services that don't provide what was promised. We will never ask you to sign a contract. We are firm believers that the customer should always have the option to leave if they aren't happy. We don't attempt to lock customers in because we don't have the fear of having an inferior product. With ElderSuite, it's just the opposite. We are so confident in what ElderSuite provides that we aren't afraid list our prices, we aren't afraid to let users try it out for free and we aren't afraid to offer our service without requiring customers to sign contracts. We guarantee ElderSuite will do everything we claim and more and we back those claims with our "No Questions Asked" Cancellation Policy.

Do you offer support and training?

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Yes, each ElderSuite subscription comes with unlimited support and training. ElderSuite is an All-Inclusive service. You get everything we offer for one simple monthly fee. If you're experiencing usability issues with ElderSuite or simply have questions on how to accomplish a task, please drop us a line. You can reach us by phone toll-free at +1.888.999.8055 or you can visit the ElderSuite Help Center to create Support Ticket by clicking here.

How many users can we setup on an ElderSuite subscription?

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ElderSuite in an All-Inclusive service. So, there are no extra charges or hidden fees. Basically, there is no limit. You can setup as many users as you feel you need to run your business successfully. Additionally, each of user can be assigned specific permissions allowing access to only what you deem necessary.

Is there a limit to the number of devices on which we can install ElderSuite?

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Again, we don't mean to sound like a broken record or anything, but ElderSuite in an All-Inclusive service. So, there are really no limits. You can install ElderSuite on as many devices as you like. You can even install ElderSuite at remote locations such as a central billing office or a home office. We don't restrict from where you can work. Just to be clear...there are no extra costs or hidden fees!

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