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Message from the Founder
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I want to thank you for your interest in ElderSuite.

I’m guessing you've tried and compared other products and services during your search to find the perfect solution for managing your Adult Day Care business. It's even possible you're currently using a different product or service, hoping it might help manage your business more efficiently... but, here you are. I'd be willing to bet that after real world use, you've realized the promises made were too many to keep. I'd also be willing to bet you were required to sign a somewhat lengthy contract and it's more than likely that you were persuaded into paying a substantial fee for training and implementation.

If this scenario sounds familiar, I think you'll be happy to learn we do things much different. So, I hope you'll allow me to share a little about our approach at MicroSolutions; our Adult Day Care Management Solution: ElderSuite; and the ElderSuite community.

I founded MicroSolutions more than 25 years ago while pursuing my undergrad studies in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Over that time, I have witnessed many changes and challenges which have affected those dedicated to the Long-Term Care industry; specifically, Adult Day Care providers. So, I get excited when I can share how we help those within the industry and in return, have grown a very loyal ElderSuite family during that time. An ElderSuite community which now includes more than 3,500 users located in 27 different states across our nation.

I can say with confidence, experiencing this combination of growth and longevity doesn’t happen by over promising and under delivering. It’s earned, and I’m proud to say we've earned it one customer, one provider, and one user at a time. We've earned it by building trust which was developed by delivering on promises and maintained by providing with honesty and transparency when we failed. The consistent practice of these core values is how the ElderSuite family was built, and it's my belief that the continued practice of those values will support future growth.

You may think this is some fancy sales pitch, but I assure you it’s not. Over two decades ago I made a personal and lifelong commitment to this venture, to the Adult Day Care and Long-Term Care industries, and to the  ElderSuite community. At MicroSolutions, the one thing you won't find is attempts to sell a customer. What you'll discover is we listen to customer concerns. We take note of the areas you're struggling to maintain efficiency. Then we show how ElderSuite can provide a solution. Most importantly, you'll always receive honesty, and we never promise something we can't deliver. Our goal is to gain customer trust and offer a solution that can be experienced firsthand without pressure, without contracts, and without overpriced training and implementation fees. We strive to build partners, and this is why ElderSuite has proved to be the best solution to manage Adult Day Care and other Long-Term Care facilities.

So, what is ElderSuite?
I'm often asked this question, but it isn’t possible to describe ElderSuite in only a few words. It's simply not possible to explain how ElderSuite uses leading edge technology and automation to defeat double data entry. What we guarantee is that implementing ElderSuite in your Adult Day Care facility will lead to increased efficiency, increased productivity, and increased revenue. Further, we guarantee that the implementing ElderSuite in your Adult Day Care facility will remove entry points for human error and decrease operating costs.

It's important to understand, ElderSuite is much more than a software application which helps users manage the Adult Day Care business. Actually, ElderSuite is a complete solution designed specifically for the Adult Day Care industry and Adult Day Care providers. ElderSuite is designed and built around a proven system which has evolved over time... An evolution which has continued for more than two decades. The results are a continuously improved tool, ElderSuite, which provides an effortless implementation of our proven system. This combination has proven ElderSuite the best software solution available for Adult Day Care providers.

Our continuous innovation ensures ElderSuite is superior to any other offering for use by Adult Day Care providers. And, we don't just claim ElderSuite is the best. We back those claims and our guarantees each day with a No Questions Asked Cancellation Policy and a No Contracts Required Policy. These policies were implemented to build trust with the customer. We do not believe customers should be locked-in with long-term obligations by requiring service contracts. We believe our job is to provide solutions to a customer's problems. Our experience shows that loyal customer relationships form when that goal is accomplished and instills the confidence for me to promise that ElderSuite will do all we say and much more...I guarantee it!

To prove my claims, I want to personally invite you to join the ElderSuite community by offering a No Obligation, No Cost, No Credit Card Required, 30 Day Free Trial. It's my hope that you accept my personal offer and take the opportunity to experience, firsthand, why ElderSuite is the leading Adult Day Care Software solution available today.

My personal offer is 100% All-Inclusive. I feel the need to stress that my offer is not a limited feature trial, and it is not a limited access trial. There's nothing hidden, there's no tricks, there's no gimmicks. My offer requires absolutely nothing from you in return. You will have access to the same software, the same service, the same training, and the same support provided to paying ElderSuite customers.

So, just in case I wasn't addition to the free ElderSuite service, you and your staff will be provided free training and free support, all provided at no cost and all without any obligation. We even provide a toll-free number to contact us if you need support. Just give us a call at +1 888.999.8055.

Our success is dependent upon your success! So, when you're ready to begin your free trail, my goal will be ensuring you have a pleasant and successful ElderSuite implementation...all free!  As soon as you're ready, I encourage the use of our free training and free support options.

I can’t wait to hear from you, and I look forward to the opportunity to personally serve your needs.

Talk soon,

Vince Cotton

Vincent Cotton

P.S. I recommend scheduling a free training session at your earliest convenience!

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