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ElderSuite is comprised of 8 Category-Specific modules that group tasks according to what users need to accomplish. These categories are further broken down in to 4 separate sections as shown in the images below. The 1st section provides access to the main tasks for the category; the 2nd section is the documentation related to the available tasks; the 3rd section is reserved for Related Activities which are related category tasks that are used less often; the 4th section contains Helpful Links to outside sources such as websites.

Image of Adult Day Care Software Module

The Provider Center is where provider information, provider documents, employee management, ElderSuite installation management, and other tasks are located.

Adult Day Care Software Client Center - Image

The Client Center is provides access to tasks related to client activities such as managing assessments, attendance records, and transportation records.

Adult Day Care Software Nursing Center - Image

The Nursing Center provides access to nursing tasks such as managing health assessments and care/service plans, physician's orders, monthly nursing assessments, medications, diagnoses, treatments and nursing notes. Additionally, users can manage the contact information for physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Adult Day Care Software Nutrition Center - Image

The Nutrition Center provides access to managing the USDA Food Program for Adults. Tasks include managing food contract information, meal times, meal applications, and meal records.

Adult Day Care Software Claim Center - Image

The Claim Center provides access to billing or claims processing tasks such as Scubbing Claims, Processing Claims, viewing Claim Reports, and Reconciling Claims.

Adult Day Care Software Report Center - Image

The Report Center is where users can find and print reports. Reports are categorized into 4 areas: Provider Reports, Client Reports, Nursing Reports and Nutrition Reports. In addition printing reports, ElderSuite's can export data to be viewed in a spreadsheet or even transferred to other systems for creating labels, letters, or other types of mail merging documents.

Adult Day Care Software Digital Document Management - Image

The ElderSuite Scan Manager is at the heart of the digital document management solution provided within ElderSuite. It provides the ability to scan documents into ElderSuite. Digital document management solutions reduce costs by increasing efficiency and reducing consumption. In addition, by promoting promoting a paperless office you'll be doing your part to help the environment.

Adult Day Care Software Help Center - Image

The Help Center is where users can create Support Tickets, find answers to questions, solutions to problems, and even discuss topics with other ElderSuite users in our ElderSuite Community Forums.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time and effort. I researched our claims today and they are scheduled to pay! This is a direct result of the extra time and attention you spent helping us. Your efforts are directly Helping us serve the Veterans in our Centers.  Thank you!

Corpus Christi Adult Day Care

I really like how user friendly the platform is. I am able to log my attendance and transportation everyday without having to spend hours away from my clients due to tedious paperwork and repetitive documentation. I love how everything rolls over automatically.

Mi Casa Adult Day Care

I like the simplicity of the program. It is very user friendly.

Agape Day Center for Adults

Great service! The owner will often personally answer questions or ensure another representative addresses all issues in a timely manner!

Young at Heart Adult Day Care

ElderSuite has everything that you need!!!! My Adult Day Care program could not survive without it!!!

Agape Day Center for Adults