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ElderSuite Subscription Information

So, What's Included?

Free 30-Day Trial

Install ElderSuite and register for a risk-free, no-obligation, no credit card required 30-day trial. After your trial expires, you can choose to continue using ElderSuite. There's nothing to lose!

Free Training

Enjoy free training for you and your staff. Install ElderSuite on as many devices as needed for your facility, including remote locations such as central offices or your home office.

Free Technical Support

Receive free technical support whenever you need help with ElderSuite. We believe you shouldn't pay long distance fees, so you can call us toll-free at +1.888.999.8055.

Free Upgrades

Your devices will automatically update whenever ElderSuite is upgraded, at no extra cost. Due to frequent changes in state rules and regulations, we typically release at least one update per month.

Database Backups & Management

We manage your ElderSuite data by continuously synchronizing it in real-time across three separate geographical regions within the United States. Your data is always encrypted, both at rest and during transmission, and never leaves our borders. We also ensure compliance with all required government rules and regulations, such as HIPAA.

No Contracts

We're confident in the benefits of ElderSuite, so we never require contracts or long-term commitments. Our "No Questions Asked" Cancellation Policy guarantees that ElderSuite will enhance your Adult Day Care program's revenue and productivity. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

Lock-In Rate

We value customer loyalty and offer a guaranteed "Lock-In Rate" to protect against unexpected price increases. When you register for an ElderSuite subscription, the price at the time of registration is locked in and will never increase as long as you maintain your subscription. No need to worry about future price hikes!

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