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How much does it cost?
It�s very cost effective because we don�t actually sell you a software package that becomes obsolete in six months.  You pay a monthly subscription fee to use ElderSuite.  We are so confident in the return on investment that we guarantee you will save more using ElderSuite than you pay...

Location Cost
Texas $275
All Others $125

Why do non-Texas locations receive a discounted rate?
Our software is specifically designed to be used by facilities located in the State of Texas.  Texas has very strict regulations compared to other States; therefore, ElderSuite will meet most requirements for other States.  However, it doesn't meet all the requirements and not all ElderSuite features are applicable for those locations.  So, we provide ElderSuite at a reduced rate for users in those locations.

Are there any hidden fees?
No, these rates are all-inclusive with no hidden fees whatsoever.  There are no technical support fees, no upgrade fees, no transaction fees, and no additional workstation fees charged by MicroSolutions.  Here at MicroSolutions, what you see is what you get.

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